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Project Description
NHL.App makes it easier for people to browse news in the NHL and current standings in a format that is nice and easy on the eyes.

It is developed in C# with Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone.

Currently looking for people to help with data binding and web scraping to fill pages.

To Do List:
- Settings page: List of all 30 NHL teams and main NHL feed to choose from as a favourite.
- Save favourite news feed and bind to "News" Page; display appropriate Twitter feed, and bind name to "News: ".
- Web Scrape Conference/Division/League Standings on and format for "Standings" Pivot.
- "Game Day" screen showing games on today according to local time/USA time conversion.
- "Live Scores" Setting for "Game Day" screen, on/off, hiding/showing scores with "Game Day" live games.

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